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Irina Kellerman – Volk of 3V Dental in Port Washington, NY

Today we sit down with Dr. Irina Kellerman-Volk from 3V Dental Partner, a local dentist in Port Washington, Long Island, New York. What can you tell us about 3V Dental

Everything that you want to know about sober living houses

Sober living is a place where people in recovery stay prior to returning to their own homes. They typically enter one of these facilities after housing treatment or during a

Cosmetic Surgery Today

Today, cosmetic surgery is a branch in which specializing offers specialists who reshape the body so that it becomes more harmonious, with few risks and even imperceptible scars. Because You

Leave away your bad habits and get a new life

If you have any bad habits like alcohol or anything else and if you do want to get rid of them then you need to get the right backing. We

The 5 times you must wash your hands

Do you often forget to wash your hands, or don’t wash your hands often enough? We list the 5 situations in which you MUST wash your hands. Doctors insist that

How to purchase the best gym equipment

Whenever you are searching for the best gym equipment, you will have to start your research and you will have to go through every single detail that will help you

Six Skin Issues That IPL Treats

IPL or Intense Pulsed Light is a non-invasive treatment with tremendous skin benefits. It works by targeting specific structures of the skin and improve its overall appearance and condition. It

How Is Hypnosis Used For Weight Loss?

The struggle to lose weight is a worldwide problem in today’s time. Most people nowadays are known to suffer from obesity due to unhealthy dietary habits. You may have tried

Get marijuana, whenever you wanna

Cannabis has always been known to be a beneficial plant. As we open up our minds to the amazing benefits of this plant, by legalizing it around the world we

What Beginners Need to Know about Whitening Teeth with Activated Charcoal

Have you been taking good care of your teeth? Oral health is more important than what most people believe, and it shows in your smile. People who overlook the matter