Avail the Best Hair Transplant Results at a Moderate cost in Jaipur

Avail the Best Hair Transplant Results at a Moderate cost in Jaipur

Choosing the hair transplant procedure to get over the problem of baldness is one of the best decisions, weighs a pricey option as common people having this conception. People think that since it is a plastic & cosmetic surgery needs a meaty price and it is always a heavy pocket burden so there will be the need for budget-plan before finalizing the treatment procedure. But, nowadays, the scenario has been completely changed and the hair transplant cost in Jaipur is a popular option among the hair loss patients. The attractive behind the factor generating clients/patients from another nation or country is the best availability of the surgeons and doctors in this pink city of Jaipur. In comparison to the cost applied in the western nation, it has the modest cost option that primarily based on the number of grafts. Per graft cost prevalent in Jaipur usually ranges between Rs.25-120 INR/ that is just around one-fourth of the cost of the procedure applied in the USA, UK, UAE, and Europe. So, it is advisable to visit Jaipur and get the best service cost of the hair restoration procedure with the best budget-cost plan.

In Jaipur, the cost of the Hair Transplant Procedure is primarily based on the following Factors:

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  1. The Number of Graft: The cost of hair transplant procedure primarily influenced by the number of grafts that are extracted in the particular session in order to implant the same to cover the respective areas of the hair loss/baldness. Per graft, cost is less in Jaipur and if a patient needs a bulk amount of the graft based on the strength of donor portion and the expected high-density hair transplant, the lump sum price will be charged that give a mega concession to their patients. However, the graft or follicular units have a direct role in putting the cost of the procedure.
  2. The Respective grade of Norwood Baldness: The particular grade of baldness is a mega influencing factor for the cost determination as it asks for a particular number of grafts to cover the bald zone. There are 7 types of baldness grade and the number increases with the increasing extent of hair loss. Notably, the lesser grade of baldness needs a lesser number of grafts and the vice versa. The Norwood classification rate the extent of loss gives a pre-idea about the cost of the procedure that also confirms about the feasible technique to sort out the problem of baldness.
  3. The Technique used for the Procedure: Usually, there are two techniques prevalent in the hair transplant world, namely, the FUT hair transplant & the FUE hair transplant. The technique practiced in the restoration procedure facilitates the option of the hair root extraction from the donor location and so the method of transplant weighs a topmost importance in the surgical procedure that also affects the cost of the procedure. Usually, the FUE hair transplant method is more costly rather than the FUT technique as the FUE extraction extremely needs the modern technology and tools to harvest the root, but it cannot affect the outcome as the result of the procedure wholly and solely depends on the surgeon’s skills and understanding to perform the surgery.
  4. The Recognition of the Performing Surgeon: Yes, the reputation of the surgeon in the hair transplant field has a prime importance as it clears about the fact and data of the remarkable outcome given by the performing surgeon to their patients. The feedback given by the experienced patient says about the authenticity of the surgeon in terms of offering the aesthetic outcome of the procedure. So, it must be evaluated in the respect of finding the best surgeon while you are planning the hair restoration procedure.


It is mandatory to do a comparative study in terms of technique, cost, grade of baldness, and the surgeon’s popularity for providing the best natural result of the hair transplant procedure as it helps in deciding the procedure benefits at a particular location as well as the cost of the surgery. So, always go ahead with the best selection if you wish to get the best hair transplant surgery result.

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