How To Identify If A Child Needs Speech Therapy

How To Identify If A Child Needs Speech Therapy

If you start to notice that your child stays quiet and unresponsive most of the times, you might dismiss the notion that there might be some impairment in your child.   However, there are some signs that point out if your child requires speech therapy, which you need to pay attention to. It might be that you need to consider speech therapy for your toddler.

  1. Your Child Is Not Socially Interactive

When babies are of 3 months or so, they respond to you by smiling or by making coo-ing sounds. By the time they turn 2, they are able to figure out when you ask them “more juice” or “get your shoes”.  At this stage, they have the capability to understand you and respond back to you. However, if your child shows no such signs of receptiveness, you should consider the possibilities of speech therapy for your child.

  1. Sounds Or Words Are Notably Reduced

Once your baby turns 1, he or she should have the ability to make out the words you speak. by the time the baby turns two, he or she should have a vocabulary of around 50 words. During this time, if you sense your child is speaking hardly any words or is not at all talking, its time to take your child for speech therapy.

  1. You Are Not Able To Comprehend What Your Child Says

Now that your baby is somewhere between the age of 18 to 24 months, you should have no difficulty understanding what your child is saying. However, if you are not able to make out what your child is saying, it may be a sign that your child requires speech therapy.

  1. Your 2 Year Old Is Not Able To Put Together Two Words

There is no hard and fast rule that by the time your baby turns 18 months old, he or she should have the ability to connect two words together. Some babies are not able to develop this ability till they turn 2 or two and a half years old. However, if your child has turned 3 and is still not able to speak words like “mama milk” or “my ball” “daddy play,” you might want to consult a speech therapist for speech therapy.

  1. You Sense Your Child Is Having Difficulty Saying Words Or Making Sounds

If you feel that your two-year-old child is having difficulty saying words that have easy consonants such as “ma” or “pa,” or if your child has reached the age of three and is unable to make harder sounds of the alphabets ‘K’ or ‘G’, there is a high possibility you child has speech difficulties and may need speech therapy.

Speech therapy can make a big difference in your child’s life. That is why you need to pay close attention to understand if your child needs speech therapy. With just a few sessions, it won’t be long before your child turns into a chatterbox.

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