Vision Safety: Tips For Teens With Contact Lenses

Vision Safety: Tips For Teens With Contact Lenses

Lenses can be used by children of different ages so there is no age limit or restriction. Educating a child about the proper use of contact lenses and some cautions to keep in mind would go a long way to support the vision correction process. Nearsightedness is a common condition prevalent in teenage years and many are now subscribing to contact lenses instead of standard prescription glasses. Contact lenses do not cause pain and they are barely noticed, reason why many teenagers opt for it to sustain their self confidence among their peer group. Glasses can be damaged easily when teenagers express their exuberances while playing basketball, football, volleyball etc., but lenses are just safer alternatives that are comfortable to wear. However, beyond taking care of lenses, teenagers should also be admonished to always uphold directions of usage and keep to heart some important safety measures highlighted below.

#1: Clean lenses with the proper contact solution

Don’t use tap water or detergent for cleaning any part of your lens. This can substantially deposit some microorganisms contained in the water on your lens and result in serious eye infections. Only FDA-approved contact lens solutions that are up to date should be used. Check for the discard date on the bottles of these solutions and do not use outdated product for cleaning.

#2: Do not share your contact lens

No matter how close you are to your friend who also uses your kind of contact lens; do not share because this can lead to serious transfer of infectious microorganisms.

#3: Take of your lens off before bed

Most lenses are not designed for overnight wear; hence, sleeping with your lens on can lead to serious health issues. Discard your daily lens before bed for healthy vision.

#4: Purchase lenses based on prescription

Do not patronize beauty parlors, swap mat or any online store for your contact lens because they may not be the actual specification for correcting your vision and may lead to more serious issues. Besides it is against the law to purchase without consulting an eye care practitioner for your eye specification. Many factors such as the size of the eye, the perfect shape, power and brand of the lens has to be considered before making a prescription. So, save your excitement of purchasing something crazy and funny and put your overall health into consideration. If you need a quality contact lens with prescription in mind, you can contact Alain Assedo Optician for the best you can get.

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