What Are Considered Dental Emergencies That No One Should Smile About

What Are Considered Dental Emergencies That No One Should Smile About

Dealing with a dental problem can be very troublesome, painful, and stressful all at once. What’s even worse is having these problems during a vacation or in the middle of the night. Any severe dental problem outside of the regular office hours of your dentist shouldn’t be put off until the next day. The problem might be more serious that you think.

However, before rushing to visit the emergency dentist Arlington VA located expert at an odd hour, you should first determine whether it is a dental emergency or not. Here are some instances where dental treatment should be sought right away:

1. Getting Teeth Knocked Out

There are different ways to get your teeth knocked out, but in all of those cases, the person should be rushed for emergency dental treatment. A tooth that was knocked out can lead to excessive bleeding. The reason why you should head to the dentist right away is the limited timeframe for a re-implant.

There is only a 30-minute window until the tooth can no longer be reattached. Place the tooth inside a cool and wet cloth or inside a cup of milk and rush to the dentist right away!

2. Toothache With Severe Pain

Sometimes a toothache can be remedied by taking a painkiller, but sometimes the pain doesn’t go away at all. When it comes to a point where you can no longer sleep through the night and the pain becomes unbearable, no matter how much medication you are taking, it is time to go to the dentist.

There might be an infection that is rapidly spreading inside your gums or an abscess has formed causing intense pain and swelling. During these cases, it is best to proceed to an emergency dentist without any delay so you can get treatment and relief from the intense pain.

3. Facial Injury

There are some cases where a facial injury can affect the jaw and the teeth of person. This should be treated by a medical professional immediately. Contacting an emergency dentist Arlington VA based professional as soon as possible can prevent any permanent damage to your teeth.

In cases like these, the treatment will most likely begin at an emergency room, but a patient can always request for a dentist to help with the restoration and treatment. Keep in mind that the sooner the restoration beings, the better the outcome of the healing.

4. Cracked Tooth

While the crack may not be painful and it seems like you can wait a few days to seek treatment, this shouldn’t be the case at all. Even the smallest crack will allow bacteria to enter the tooth which can result in cavities and an infection if it is not treated right away. Although you can probably wait until the next day to get the cracked or chipped tooth fixed, it is best to do so right away to avoid any further complications.

When it comes to any dental problems it is a must to visit your dentist right away. Never delay treatment, especially for very serious cases as this might result in a lot of pain, complications, and even serious damage.
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